A list of services that are available in our Institution include the following:

  1. Executive Training.
  2. Research / Consultancy.
  3. Conference Facilities.
  4. Strategic Planning.
  5. Public Complaints.

Executive Training.

Tailored In-House Programs.

These address unique training needs of individual organizations. We prepare tailored proposals addressing areas our clients training needs.

Our training begins with assessing training needs and ends with back to work action plans and follow ups to assess the effectiveness of the training.

Symposium and Workshops.

These are organized from time to time to address emerging individual and corporate members’ needs. For more information you can contact the relevant Departments Heads for your needs.

At M.T.T.I. we are committed to serving you.

Research / Consultancy.

In Mukiria Technical Training Institute, we are involved in systematic data collection and analysis for individuals and organizations. Theses are normally done by a research and consultancy unit in the institute. This is made of students, lecturers and other stakeholders who also involve consultancy bodies. This research involves:

  1. Academic Surveys.
  2. Automation.
  3. Environmental.
  4. Personal.
  5. Business Acumen.

For further information, contact the Principal at Mukiria Technical.

Strategic Planning.

The strategic plan of Mukiria Technical Training Institute has been formulated through an all inclusive participatory process. It articulates the Institute’s vision for Kenya’s TVET system and identifies the strategic imperatives to be implemented during the next five years. The purpose of the strategic planning is to undertake the following:

  1. To present key milestones in the institution TVET program.
  2. To present the institutes ideology on the TVET‘s strategic option identified and modalities for the national respective agenda as a foundation for Vision 2030.
  3. To avail a tool for engagement and negotiation between the Government, key stakeholders and collaborators regarding the financing of TVET.
  4. To provide a basis for resource targeting.
  5. To provide a basis for program Implementation and performance evaluation.

Public Complaints.

Mukiria Technical Training Institute recognizes an individual’s right to make a complaint about the conduct of institute operations, services, staff, students, or people associated with the institute or using institute facilities; where that individual’s interests appear to have been adversely and unjustifiably impacted by such conduct. The institute is committed to the maintenance and improvement of a system of complaints management which facilitates good administration and a safe and co-operative environment for work and learning. The institute encourages an organizational culture that responds to such complaints in an open and constructive manner and in accordance with principles of procedural fairness. The objective of the complaints’ process is to provide administrative procedures by which complaints can be resolved expeditiously via the best applicable means and at the local level where possible. The objective of a resolution under the complaints process is to ensure a fair process, but not necessarily a specific outcome. The effectiveness of this policy relies upon the cooperation of all parties to a complaint. On receipt of your complaint, public complaint standing committee officer will register your complaint and acknowledge its receipt within 2 working days. The written complaint should be signed, dated and sent to the Chairperson, Public Complaints standing committee.

P.O. BOX 1093-60200,

Meru. Kenya.

You can download the complaints form from the download section.