Guidance & Counseling Dept

The department became a full-fledged department in June 2014. It is mandated by the Institute administration to provide Guidance and Counseling for the well being of the entire Mukiria Technical Training Institute. It is located in the Institute’s tuition are which makes it easily accessible to students at all times.

Counseling primarily concerns therapy for emotional and psychological challenges in life. College life marks the beginning of one’s career and requires one to make mental, physical and emotional adjustments. Through counseling, the department aims at promoting positive behavior and attitude change for quality life.


  1. To advise, direct and steer an individual towards making informed decisions.
  2. Liaising and maintaining co-operative working relations with students, personnel specialists and agencies in the community where special services are available.
  3. To cultivate and develop a culture of peer counseling.
  4. To promote positive attitude towards training and co-curricular activities.
  5. HIV / AIDS advocacy.
  6. Encouragement of hard and systematic work as a virtue.
  7. Character building and behavior modification.
  8. To make aft referrals.


  • Professional and ethical approach to service delivery.
  • Strong moral and ethical development of the human person.
  • Availability and accessibility.