Chairperson’s Message

I want to thank the principal and the staff who worked tirelessly to develop a website for Mukiria Technical Training Institute. A website is a place on the internet where you can find information about something, especially on an academic.

Mukiria Technical Training Institute needs to showcase herself to Kenyans and the world through website creation and development. The Institute needs a forum where it can constantly refresh and renew the information on the dynamic occurrences in the Institute that has an impact to the customers.The board of governors is committed to provide visionary leadership and take the Institute to the next level.The board is robust in resource mobilization and aims at transforming the current status of the Institute in line with the Strategic Plan 2014 -2019.I welcome all on board as we endeavor to undertake major projects to develop this Institute.

Everlyn Mutava.

Chairperson BOG – Mukiria Technical Training Institute